At Blue Nixie we are confident that we will soon emerge as national leaders in lingerie industry, with quality being the corner stone of our brand. This confidence comes from the sasfaction of knowing that along with ensuring the highest quality, Blue Nixie also keeps up with the global trends and staying at par with the constantly changing fashion and style.

Our ulmate goal is reach out to the educated and sophiscated woman of today by giving her the underlying confidence to get set and go!

BEGINNING :YEAR 2001 ......
Though it was a very humble start in the year 2001 but we were very enterprising and we have kept the legacy going with the same passion.

we are manufacturer and marketers of brassieres, sports bra ,cycling short, pantes, slips etc.

We export to UAE for the last 15 years where we are having our company`s hub from where we distribute to other gulf countries like Qatar, Beharain and KSA. Our main client in UAE is LULU

In India we are having 11 distributors in different states like U.P, M.P, DELHI, PUNJAB, JHARKHAND, TELANGANA, RAJASTHAN, GUJRAT.

We cater the Mumbai and some cities of Maharashtra through direct marketing by our sales team.

We have produc on capacity of 1million garments a year which can even be improved if need be. We have a machinery set ups of around 100 machines to churn out best quality products

Our main suppliers are Krishna hosiery, Alok Industries for fabrics and for accessories we have Trylex and other localsuppliers.

We are having a strong and dedicated manpower and logistics facilities of 15 persons just to pack and forward the goods .If need arises we can improve the numbers

We are here to supply ,serve and earn good relationship with our client and earn money through selling our best quality products to the consumers at best price.